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Telecommunications & VOIP/SIP Systems

PSX provides business telecoms & I.T Services throughout the UK. We offer a broad range of products tailored to suit individual needs. We supply traditional services combined with new technology to maximise efficiency and savings.

We specialise in business lines and low cost business calls. Switching to PSX is simple and the transfer process is quick and easy, with our seamless transfers. All of our business telephone lines are maintained by OpenReach Engineers and calls start from under 1 penny a minute!

Web Hosting online Services

Website Hosting & Design & Email-Hosting

Web & Internet Services
Why use PSX for Internet Services? Our customers wanted to hand over their Web & email hosting & backups so that they can spend their work hours efficiently in their business, not wasting time on I.T making sure things are running okay. We can streamline your systems so you don’t have to worry about the mundane “I.T Stuff” that goes on in the background. We check and test our backups and Servers Regularly and have warning systems in place should something not do what it’s supposed to.


Web & email Hosting
Most people think it’s a bit of a minefield to start registering websites andfinding hosting for email, web content, DNS forwarding etc etc, and most of thetime you would be right. We can take the headache away by managing all of yourinternet sites, hosting, emails and forwarding on your behalf. All you wouldneed to do to make amendments is a quick call or email and leave the rest tous. Sounds too easy? It is; Web-hosting with PSX.


Offsite Backups 
Every company should be aware of the Data Protection Act especially if you are backing up company data that may have other company’s or personal data included. You have an obligation and duty of care to keep this data safe. Are you encrypting your flash drive before you take it home (or leave it in the car?). Maybe it’s time to think about moving to fully automated off-site-storage?

Prices have considerably dropped over the last 2 years and we can now store massive amounts of data, fully encrypted without you pressing a button. No swapping data-tapes, no backup reminders. Backup with PSX.


CCTV DNS Configuration
CCTV systems are becoming more and more common, and UK is the most populated country in Europe when it comes to cameras. People like to be able to keep a check on their offices or homes and what better way than live TV. If you need DNS forwarding setting up so that you don’t have to type difficult IP addresses every time you want to view them please contact us.


I.T. Networks & Security

Contract I.T. Support

We provide a National I.T. Support Service for small to medium businesses, covering Windows, Linux, Cloud and Bespoke Systems. We can build Systems and Networks to suit your requirements.


Securing your PCs, Servers and Networks should not just be an option but a necessity. Would you leave the office unlocked or not bother to set the alarm? if you have an insecure system, that’s exactly what you are doing each night when you log off.

Get your free consultation (open to all new customers).

Anti-Virus & Spyware :

There are a few Anti-Virus packages that you can download for free now, but usually the business versions or the Server versions of the software you still have to pay for on an annual basis. If you are considering paying for anti-virus, this will ensure you are fully protected and have up-to date virus definitions. Eset are leading the field in AV Technology and still remain the only AV Company that has not missed a virus since 2006.

Firewall & VPN :

If you have your own Server at your offices/company you will more than likely have a firewall setup either in the router itself or on the Server (Windows Firewall). If this is running with default settings it maybe a door left ajar as far as hackers are concerned. We use Anti-Hacking Techniques to secure your system and reduce the risk of intrusions happening. Why don’t you benefit from our trained Certified Ethical Hackers experience and secure your systems now.

Virtual Private Networks are a great way to take your office with you when you are on the move. When setup correctly, you can login to you PC as if you are still in the office. See all of your shared files and check your emails (including everything you have sent). It will all be there attachments included. The internet is now considered fully portable for all devices and VPN systems can give you full access on the go.

Wireless Networking :

Wireless connections can be an excellent way to reduce messy wires around the office but there is a downside.

-Usually speeds will suffer unless you get a high quality fast wireless hub. Average speeds for a standard hub (54mbps) are around the 1-2 meg mark depending on distance and signal strength.

Security : Your security maybe compromised if your router is not setup correctly, even with WPA2 there can still be ways for someone to gain access onto your system and use your bandwidth illegally.